Hello there! I'm Abbeythe brains, and hands, behind abbeychristine.

Abbey Hambright Headshot 

My business was born over a decade ago in 20015 when I created my first set of finger puppets for my nephew's third birthday. He wasn't so impressed with them at the time, but I was hooked. I began making tiny felt versions of my favorite pop culture heroes, and soon after was selling online and in stores.

Each finger puppet I make is free-hand cut and sewn in small batches. I use only 100% recycled felt, a material that's vegan and sustainable, created from reclaimed plastic bottles. Because my process is so intensely hands-on, I'm able to personally ensure that the item you receive is of the highest quality and completely one of a kind.



I sew out of a small studio in the back of the 120 year old Chicago workers' cottage I share with my partners, our rambunctious preschooler, and two noisy rescue dogs. During the week I work in marketing for a non-profit arts organization, so most of my sewing happens on evenings and weekends, and almost exclusively while wearing pajamas and watching Netflix. Living the dream!

When I was five, my favorite thing in the world was a new box of crayons. Today I'm partial to thrift stores, horchata, and "This American Life." 

Creating is something I've been passionate about my entire life, and I'm thrilled to have found an audience who "gets" my quirky point of view. I always know that I've stumbled on a good idea when I can't keep from chuckling as I create it, and I hope that my work brings you some of that joy as well.


Have an idea, opportunity or great book recommendation? Drop me a lineI'd love to chat!