Giant Monster Puppet Attack! August 05, 2010 21:00

I thought I’d pass along this photo that my friend Sarah took of me at work today.  I wanted to demonstrate how, when things are busy and I’m not paying close enough attention, my puppet making tends to get larger and larger for some reason… Exhibit A: Johnny Cash on the left there was made probably about a month ago and is a bit of a monster. When I finally came to my senses about a week ago and realized that my finger puppets were on the verge of becoming hand puppets, I worked on very consciously scaling them back to a more appropriate size. Hence we have Exhibit B: teeny, finger sized, Bob Ross. Seriously, Cash could eat Bob alive, right? Ridiculous.

At any rate, things here are chugging along with Renegade prep. I sewed 30, count them: THIRTY, little state pins last enough. My eyes were ready to fall out of my head by that last little Illinois (they were mostly Illinois), but its all for the greater good, right? My summer class has finally finished up so I’ve got a few free days in the next two weeks where I plan on sequestering myself in the studio to sewsewsew! Wish me luck : )