The Big Reveal – Max Fischer March 02, 2011 08:00

Thanks to all those checking out the new designs and taking guesses on all the Sneak Peeks! I’m happy to report that lucky guesser Alison correctly identified Max Fischer from Rushmore as yesterday’s Sneak Peak Number Three, and won the $10 gift certificate giveaway. That first photo of just the jacket and tie was probably a little too tough on you all, but once those glasses were in the picture, I think most people were pretty sure that Mr. Rushmore himself was the newest addition to the puppet ranks. Here he is in all his prep-school, extra-curricular glory– Max Fischer:

Max, like all the seven of the new puppet designs, will be available in the shop on Monday. Check back later this morning for Sneak Peek Number 4 and another chance to win a gift certificate for taking a guess!