The Big Reveal – Frida Kahlo March 3, 2011 08:00

Yesterday’s Sneak Peek was one of the easier ones this week, so each of yesterday’s guessers was correct in thinking it was indeed none other then Frida Kahlo who will join the ranks of puppet offerings. Congrats to Heidi for being the lucky guesser who won the giveaway! Here is Ms. Kahlo in all her glory–

I first made Frida a few years back in a set with Diego Rivera as part of my “Great Loves” series, but decided that she was just too awesome to keep retired, and perfectly capable of holding her own as a single puppet.

In just a few hours I’ll be releasing today’s Sneak Peek Number 5. Again, every comment is entered to win another $10 gift certificate giveaway, and though Number 5 may be a bit more challenging, remember that right or wrong, every guess has an equal chance of winning!