The Big Reveal: Omar Little March 04, 2011 08:00

So, were you stumped by yesterday’s Sneak Peek Number 5? That silhouette was a tough one, I’ll be the first to admit. But fans of The Wire should’ve definitely caught on to clues like a menacing dude, involved in criminal activity and occasionally revenge, who’s got a theme song (of sorts) and hangs out with a certain follower of the Nation of Islam. Yesterday’s Sneak Peek Number 5 was of course Omar Little, the Wire’s favorite shotgun-carrying thief with a code.

Omar’s been quite popular as the subject of applique bibs in my shop, and I did an early version of him with Bunk a few years ago, but decided it was time he join the ranks of the puppet family once and for all. One can never get too much Omar, right? (Unless maybe you’re the one on the other side of that shotgun.)

Congrats to the always awesome Chrissy who won the Omar Sneak Peek giveaway yesterday, and definitely check back later this morning when I’ll be posting the final new puppet Sneak Peek and this week’s final giveaway. Oh, and don’t forget that Omar and all the new puppets designs will debut in the shop on Monday!