New Puppet Display June 06, 2013 08:00

After a couple of years of faithful service, with a craft fair on the horizon in June I decided that it was time to rethink my puppet display. We created the chalkboard rotating display three or so years ago and the old gal’s been holding steady since. Made from milk crates bungee corded together and a Craigslist lazy susan, it worked exactly as I’d envisioned in my display– giving me some extra height and enticing passersby to come to my booth and give it a turn.

However, the DIY nature of the display meant that portability was a bit of an afterthought– sure, one person could carry it by themselves, but the size and shape necessitates a bear hug hold or balancing it on a rolling cart, not to mention fitting that behemoth into the car was always a challenge. Basically, it was time to upgrade.

Introducing my new puppet display! It has a bit less DIY charm, perhaps, but makes up for it with a slicker appearance and slimmed down heft. I bought a set of super strong mini magnets to hold the puppets, which work well with my new packaging. So, whaddya think?

I’ll be debuting the new gal at the Indieana Handicraft Exchange this weekend!