More Puppets to Canada July 31, 2013 08:00

I’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks finishing up another big order for another new shop in Canada (!). One of the owners of Workshop Studio & Boutique and Flock Boutique in Ottawa, Ontario saw my puppets at Dots +Loops Handmade and asked to carry them as well. Super exciting, right? I’m taking over Canada, folks!

My favorite part of the story is that the shops currently carry a line of finger puppets of Canadian politicians that mine will get to accompany. There aren’t too many of us character finger puppet makers so it’s great to find out that mine will have company! The Workshop/Flock shipment went out last week, and here are a couple of shots from the studio while I was finishing it up–

 Packaging puppets (among other projects)

Headed to Ontario!

My studio assistant